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The Unlimited Racing Commission used to produce a Media Guide each year that served

as a reference for the sport’s records.

The record book is back and even more information and statistics are now

included in this free edition.

2022 H1 Unlimited Year in Review

The best moments and highlights from the 2022 H1 Unlimited racing season

The most current version of the UNJ Hydro Record Book is available here on the

Unlimited NewsJournal website. h1unlimited news hydroplane news and history

If you’ve got a question about hydro records that you want to answer, you can more than likely find it here. Download it, print it, bookmark it,

or read about the various records at

The H1 family gathered for the annual awards banquet in October. Here's a look at the evening from two of our sports photographers. Thanks to Chris Denslow/Digital Roostertails and Craig Barney/