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In years past, the Unlimited Racing Commission used to produce a Media Guide each year that served as a reference for the sport’s records. A record book like that hasn’t been produced for many years, but now an updated version is available ... for free.

The UNJ Hydro Record Book is available on the
Unlimited NewsJournal website. If you’ve got a question about hydro records that you want to answer, you can download the Hydro Record Book, print it, bookmark it, or just read about the various records at


Darrell and Vanessa Strong acquire the U-9 Racing team and form Strong Racing for the 2021 season

See the details in this issue.

H1 Unlimited fans finally got their wish in 2020, a H1 hydroplane hit the water!

Saturday, Oct. 31st, Kelly & Sharon Stocklin's recently acquired U-99.9 took to the Columbia river in Pateros, Wa. for its much anticipated test. Led by Bucket List Racing crew chief Taylor Evans and crew, the boat was put through it's paces with the sport's winningest driver Dave Villwock behind the wheel for the majority of the testing laps, and former 440 driver Dustin Echols in the seat for the last session. After the test, the entire crew was pleased with the results, saying

"they have a rocket".

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact us all... the sport, the fans, the volunteers, our sponsors, and the cities that support H1 racing. The staff at the UNLIMITED NewsJournal encourages all our readers to follow the recommendations of health professionals, maintain social distancing, be safe at work, and in your personal life.

Together, we will get through this and hopefully return to racing in 2021. 

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