Established in 1966 by Unlimiteds Unanimous, the UNLIMITED NewsJournal is published monthly.  The mission is to document and promote the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing. Our monthly publication is provided free of charge and available online at

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The fifth annual edition of the Hydro Record Book

is available here.
It serves as a free reference for serious hydro fans who enjoy keeping track of the records and statistics related

to the sport of unlimited racing.

If you’ve got a question about hydro records that you want to answer, you can more than likely find it here. Download it, print it, bookmark it, or read about the various records at

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Our next UNLIMITED NewsJournal / U.U. meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 10th, 2024 @ Bellevue Public Library, meeting room #4  from 2:00-5:30. The meeting is open to hydroplane enthusiasts and anyone interested in becoming involved with the UNLIMITED NewsJournal.

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NOV. 2023 -50th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE:Celebrating a half century of hydro news.

The members of Unlimiteds Unanimous, a Seattle-area hydro-racing fan club, received a pleasant surprise in the mail in November 1973. Instead of the usual Minutes of that month’s meeting and an information sheet called News & Rumors, they received a new publication called the NewsJournal. Fifty years later, the Unlimited NewsJournal has become the most widely read publication about the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing. And, its readership now expands far beyond the membership of that Seattle fan club. People across the world depend on UNJ for their hydro news and information. With the November issue, we’ll take a quick look back at where we were when that first issue came out and get a first-hand account of one of the top stories at that time.