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In years past, the Unlimited Racing Commission used to produce a Media Guide each year that served as a reference for the sport’s records. The record book is back and even more information and statistics are now included

in this free edition.

The 2022 H1 racing season opens with the American Powerboat Association Gold Cup race  on Guntersville Lake in Alabama the weekend of June 25-26. This marks the first time the Unlimiteds will compete for the coveted trophy in Guntersville.

     HydroFest officials are now expecting eight H1 Unlimiteds to be in Guntersville racing for the Gold Cup, in addition to 10 GPA class hydroplanes and 10-12 Pro-Lite hydros.

The vintage U-36 Miss U.S. will also be running to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the world speed record of 1962. Tickets are on sale now at

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The most current version of the UNJ Hydro Record Book is available here on the

Unlimited NewsJournal website.

If you’ve got a question about hydro records that you want to answer, you can more than likely find it here. Download it, print it, bookmark it,

or just read about the various records at

Spring Testing is next on the schedule. Columbia Park, Kennewick Friday, June 3rd  from 9:00am - 5:00pm

The 2022 H1 Unlimited racing series got underway with a preseason exhibition on the Columbia river at Vancouver. Four boats hit the river and had an opportunity to test and show off H1 action on the river. Click the link below to see the streaming of the U-8, U-11, U-40, and U-91