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In years past, the Unlimited Racing Commission used to produce a Media Guide each year that served as a reference for the sport’s records. The record book is back and even more information and statistics are now included

in this free edition.

The 2022 H1 racing season opened with the American Power Boat Association Gold Cup race

on Guntersville Lake in Alabama the weekend of June 25-26,

followed the next week with the Indiana Governors Cup in Madison, IN.

From there the teams headed west to Washington state for the Tri-Cities and Seattle races.

This issue has the HAPO Columbia Cup and HomeStreet Bank Cup exclusive race reports.

Art Oberto, former voice and face of Oberto beef jerky, dies at 95.

Just as we were wrapping up this issue we received news of the passing of Art, a long-time supporter of this sport. We will feature information about his life and his involvement in unlimited hydro racing in next month’s issue.

The most current version of the UNJ Hydro Record Book is available here on the

Unlimited NewsJournal website.

If you’ve got a question about hydro records that you want to answer, you can more than likely find it here. Download it, print it, bookmark it,

or just read about the various records at

 Jimmy Shane piloted the Miss HomeStreet to victory in every heat at the HomeStreet Bank Bayfair event in San Diego and in the process won the Bill Muncey Cup and national championships for both himself and his race team. The event was the season’s final stop of the 2022 H1 Unlimited Racing Series, which features the world’s fastest boats.