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     The mobile app was designed for H1 by Walt Ottenad, who oversees onboard cameras, and other multi-media efforts for H1.  “I’m excited to provide fans with this important tool to follow the sport,” said Ottenad. “The H1 app will provide fans an easier way to follow the sport and view results, team information, venue schedules, a large library of videos, and live streaming from the events.”

     Key features of the app include:
       * Race site information and schedules                                           * Driver/team stats and historical results
       * Entry lists and spotter guides                                                        * Social hub for drivers, teams, and race venues
       * Season race results and National High Points tracker              * Photos, live streaming video, and over 3,100 video clips
       * Event schedules and boat/driver appearances 
                 The free app is available in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.  Just search for “H1 Unlimited.”

          Complete information and details about the app and all its features are available on the H1 Unlimited website.

Date                    Event                                                                  Location                       Winner

June 1                    Spring Training/Testing Session                                  Tri-Cities, Wash.                                         ----

June 22-24            Guntersville Lake Hydrofest                                        Guntersville, Ala.               U-9 Delta RealTrac - Andrew Tate

July 6-8                 Midwest Tube Mills Indiana Governor’s Cup                Madison, Ind.                     U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank - Jimmy Shane
July 27-29             HAPO Columbia Cup                                                    Kennewick, Wash.              U-9 Les Schwab Tires - Andrew Tate
Aug. 3-5                Albert Lee Cup at Seafair                                            Seattle, Wash.                    U-9 Les Schwab Tires - Andrew Tate
Aug. 24-26           Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Gold Cup                        Detroit, Mich.                     U-9 Delta RealTrac - Andrew Tate
Sept. 14-16           HomeStreet Bank Bayfair                                           San Diego, Calif.                 U-9 Delta RealTrac - Andrew Tate

October 13            2018 H1 Champions Gala/Awards Banquet                Kennewick, Wash.              - Three Rivers Convention Center -

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   H1 Unlimited Fleet

MADISON, INDIANA (March 6, 2019) – It is with great excitement that the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series, in conjunction with the Madison Regatta, announce that the 115 year-old American Power Boat Association’s Gold Cup unlimited hydroplane race will be held on the Ohio River during the Madison Regatta and Roostertail Music Festival, July 4-7, 2019.

The A.P.B.A. Gold Cup race is the oldest in American motorsports.  The Gold Cup was first awarded 1904.

“This speaks volumes to the entire committee for their hard work and commitment to this event,” Madison Regatta President Matt True said. “We have come together, focused on the event and with everyone doing their part, we are a powerful team doing great things for Madison. We are listening to our fans and delivering the things they think are most important.”

The two organizations came to the agreement on Wednesday and will bring the A.P.B.A. Gold Cup back to Madison after nearly a 40-year absence.                                                                                                                                                                                             Continued, click here...

Noon PST February 28, 2019

Statement of the Board of Directors of the American Boat Racing Association / H1 Unlimited

Following the successful and competitive completion of the 2018 H1 Racing Season, H1 Unlimited (H1) and Detroit Riverfront Events, Inc. (DREI) entered into discussions – beginning in December -- regarding the sanctioning of an Unlimited Hydroplane race on the Detroit River during the third week of August 2019.   Unfortunately, progress in the negotiations has not been to the level that the H1 Board of Directors had anticipated, and the parties are at a contractual impasse.

H1 believes that the parties cannot come to an agreement that would assure a quality competition in Detroit for this coming season, and as such, H1 will not be sanctioning a race in Detroit in 2019. Further, H1 has determined that it is in the best interest of the sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing (including the other Race Sites and the H1 teams) for H1 to focus its financial, competitive and human
resources (including its many volunteers) on those races and race sites that remain part of the 2019 H1 Racing Series.

H1 looks forward to the opportunity to expand its racing series into new locations, including a possible return to Detroit during H1’s 2020 racing season.


2019 Season H1 Unlimited Racing Series Event Schedule to be announced

H1 Unlimited has its free mobile device application “H1 Unlimited” for Apple and Android. The latest app is designed to connect hydroplane fans to the racing action with up-to-the-minute race updates and information during the H1 Hydroplane Racing Series season.

     “This app is the fan’s hydroplane heartbeat,” said Charlie Grooms, H1 Unlimited vice chairman. “It will be constantly up-dated from our events, so that a fan watching on the beach or half-way around the world has access to up-to-the-minute information.”