The Annual H1 Unlimited Meetings and Champions Gala were held at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel Jan 14th.

Richard (Rick) Corella has been appointed the new Chief Operating Officer of the H1 Racing series.  His role of C.O.O. responsibilities has not been specifically announced yet but we are looking forward to hearing how his role will be defined.
     Rick has been involved with unlimited racing for many years, and brings a fresh look and ideas to his new role. Rick was a long time member on the Oberto/Madison team and most recently involved with the Ellstrom/Qatar team.
     In the announcement he noted  "Unlimited boat racing is in a place of great opportunity. I ask all my friends in the sport and its many casual supporters. Please give your thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams. Now is the time, together we can build this sport to achieve all our goals.

     Please give me any input through my e mail . Thank you in advance for your help and support."

of the great achievements is to set them. I realize that this is ambitious, but with input from our various stakeholders, including (and especially) the fans, we’ll be able to succeed. 

     The Board of Directors, which includes Charlie Grooms, Shannon Raney, Mike Jones, Mike Denslow and Bob Davies, continues to work on the formulation of a realistic strategic/business plan will accurately reflect our vision for the future, and ensure the sustainability and growth of unlimited hydroplane racing. 

     If you have ideas, please don’t hesitate to share.  The first step in reaching the goal is very attainable: making sure everyone is having fun.  The rest will ultimately fall into place. 

                                                                                                                                                                    March 8th, 2017  

Monthly Meeting of the UNLIMITED NewsJournal/Unlimiteds Unanimous

          Next Meeting: Sunday April 9th

      Bellevue Public Library - Conf. Rm. #3

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H1 Unlimited Executive Board appoints a Chief Operating Officer for the series

2016 H1 Unlimited Year In Review
Video by David Cormier, shown at the H1 Champions Gala Banquet

College basketball is entering its most interesting time of year, and H1 is going through its own “March Madness.”  The owners, drivers, officials, race site representatives and sponsors continue to look at ways to make hydroplane racing more engaging to a wider range of people and to broaden our appeal.

     We have frequent discussions about starting procedures, race formats, telemetry, future possible race sites, potential sponsors, social media, alternative power plants, rule changes, and various other topics, all with an eye on allowing the sport to evolve further and flourish.

      Our goal is to promote our brand, build new relationships, and create top of mind awareness. Understanding trends are significant as they reflect consumer behavior and get us thinking of new and exciting ideas. We need to transition from reacting to trends to becoming trendsetters.  It’s important to learn from trends, but one


Chairman's Corner - March

Jimmy Shane, U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank Take Top Honors at H1 Gala

SEATTLE–With Emcee Brad Luce hosting the show, a crowd of more than 170 drivers, owners, officials and fans celebrated the sport of unlimited hydroplane Saturday night at the annual 2016 H1 Unlimited Champions Gala in the Marriott Waterfront Ballroom.

2016 H1 Unlimited Champions Gala Awards

Sponsor of the Year:  HomeStreet Bank
Outstanding Contribution Award:  Ted Grange
Montgomery Excellence in Media Award:  Mark Brudenell, Detroit Free Press
Vic Nelawake Award:  Niles Mayfield
Chairman’s Award:  Ken Muscatel
Chairman’s Award:  Bruce Madej
Chairman’s Award:  Fred Farley
Unsung Hero Award:  H1 Rescue Team
Rookie of the Year:  Andrew Tate
Official of the Year:  Justin Weymouth
Race Site of the Year:  Tri-City Water Follies
Crew Chief of the Year:  Dan Hoover
Owner of the Year:  Scott & Shannon Raney
Crew of the Year:  U-1 HomeStreet Bank
3rd Place – Season High Points Driver/Team:  Andrew Tate/ U-9 Racing
2nd Place – Season High Points Driver/Team:  J. Michael Kelly/ U-5 Graham Trucking
National Champion Driver/Team:  Jimmy Shane/U-1 HomeStreet Bank