Penalty helps Tate win Seattle.

By Dan Lopez

The nine-boat field at this year’s HAPO Columbia Cup, although small by historic standards, may very well be the largest of the 2018 season. All three days were typical
Tri-Cities hot with high temperatures around
the century mark. Additionally, there was little or no wind.

     The single qualifying session on Friday saw seven of the nine entries qualify. The fastest was the U-1 Miss HomeStreet, which recorded a speed of 163.471 mph, just short

Four of the six boats leave the dock for the final heat in the Tri-Cities.

Tate wins the Columbia Cup.

of the course record of 165.579 mph set by Dave Villwock in the Spirit of Qatar in 2010. The crew of the CARSTAR powers Miss Rock was still working on getting their boat ready and the Griggs Miss Ace Hardware’s crew was working to clean the
engine compartment and replace the engine that had  blown in the morning test session.                Continued, click here...

Andrew Tate cruises to an easy win in the final heat

while Jimmy Shane is disqualified three different times.

A penalty in the final heat ruins an otherwise
perfect weekend for Miss HomeStreet.

Andrew Tate flies to victory at the HAPO Columbia Cup in the Tri-Cities.

By Andy Muntz

A year ago, the fate of the 2017 national championship
may have hinged on an incident that occurred just before the start of the final heat in Seattle. While scoring up for the start, Andrew Tate plowed into a buoy and sent it flying into the air. Although he would cross the finish line first, the resulting penalty not only gave Jimmy Shane the victory in the race, but also a lead in the national points race that couldn’t be overcome.

      The story for this year’s Albert Lee Appliance Cup race on Lake Washington was almost exactly the same, but the roles were reversed. This year, it was Shane who received the penalty and Tate the recipient of the first-place trophy and a sizeable lead in national points.

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Andrew Tate takes two.

September 2018

Andrew Tate celebrates with his team when he returns to the pits.

The swing through the Pacific Northwest by the H1 Unlimited Racing Series proved marvelous for the U-9 Les Schwab Tires, and horrible for the defending national
champion U-1 Miss HomeStreet racing team.

     Andrew Tate in the Les Schwab Tires came away from the races in the Tri-Cities and Seattle with two race victories, accomplished in very different ways, but netting him a sizeable lead in the national points race.

     For Jimmy Shane in the Miss HomeStreet, there was much less to brag about. Though the team did finally introduce their brand-new and very impressive boat, the two races were marred by penalties and disqualifications.

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