It was a grand promotion by one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest promoters. Pat O’Day was the Seattle area’s most famous disk jockey during the 1960s and ‘70s, later became the owner of KYYX Radio, and was the founder of a concert promotion company that handled the likes of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Elton John, and Led Zeppelin. He was also a huge hydroplane fan and, in 1981, decided he would like a woman to drive his hydroplane,
the Miss KYYX.             Continued, click here ...

 October Issue...

A doubleheader in Detroit:
Tate and Shane are winners.

For the first time in as long as I
can remember, H1 Unlimited has
reached out to fans and H1 participants with this invitation:
“Are you passionate about H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing and have ideas to help the sport improve?”

     H1 Unlimited Vice Chairman
Charlie Grooms hosted the first
Open Forum for fans and H1

The sport of unlimited hydroplane racing is looking for a new leader with the resignation of Doug Bernstein as H1 chairman. Bernstein, a Detroit resident and bankruptry lawyer by profession, became the chairman of H1 only last winter following the resignation of Steve David.

     In an email message written to boat owners and race organizers following the Detroit event, Bernstein explained that he was resigning for personal reasons.

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H1 chairman resigns, the sport begins search for a new leader.

Brenda Jones-Paris

The only woman to drive an unlimited hydroplane in competition during the modern history of the sport.

The two Detroit winners: U-9 Delta Realtrac (left) and U-1 Miss HomeStreet.

participants on Saturday, September 23rd at the HomeStreet Racing shop in Tukwila, Washington. With the
current state of the sport and recent resignation of the H1 chairman, it was the right time and place to look for input and suggestions to move H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing forward.                 Continued, click here ...

by Mac Clouse

Hall of Fame baseball player Ernie Banks loved the game so much that on game days he would say, “Let’s play two.”  This year in Detroit’s Metro Chevy Dealers Hydrofest, Race Director Mark Weber said, “Let’s have two.” So, they did. On Saturday, the boats
raced for the President’s Cup, a
trophy that had not been awarded
since 1977. On Sunday, a 

Forum held to discuss future of H1.

completely different race was held to win the Gold Cup, motorsports’ longest running trophy.While the boat count was low, the racing was competitive and entertaining. Andrew Tate in U-9 Delta Realtrac won the President’s Cup for his second official unlimited victory, and Jimmy Shane in the U-1 Miss HomeStreet won the Gold Cup for the third time in four years.    Continued, click here ...