Still living the dream, Tate wins in San Diego.

The San Diego race provided the opportunity to speak with both Charlie Grooms, the H1 commissioner,

and Mark Mason, the CEO of HomeStreet Bank.

  Both men have a strong interest and a big investment in hydroplane racing,

and both spoke about what is necessary for

the sport to survive and be successful.

Thoughts from Charlie and Mark

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November 2018

owner of the Leland Unlimited Racing team.  On Saturday morning, a post on the team’s Facebook page confirmed that Stacy had been fatally injured Thursday night in a pedestrian-vehicle accident near Santa Ana on the way to San Diego. Stacy’s family and the crew decided the U-99.9 CARSTAR powers Miss Rock (Aaron Salmon) would compete because they felt that it is what Stacy would have wanted.     

     The rest of the six-boat field was U-1 Miss HomeStreet ( Jimmy Shane), U-9 Delta RealTrac (Andrew Tate), U-11 Reliable Diamond Tool presents J&D’s (Tom Thompson), U-21 Darrell Strong presents Payne West Insurance (Brian Perkins), and U-440 Bucket List Racing (Dustin Echols).                                                                                                      Continued, click here...

The U-9 race team celebrates their victory in San Diego.

Thoughts about the sport and its future.

Chris recaps the 2018 H1 Unlimited Champions Gala and Banquet in the Tri-Cities, along with awards given out.

by Mac Clouse

When Andrew Tate won the Gold Cup
in Detroit, he said he was “living out
his dreams.” His dreams lived on as
he won the San Diego Bayfair Bill Muncey Cup in the U-9 Delta RealTrac. At this season-ending race, events off the water overshadowed the events on the water.

Testing and Qualifying

As people arrived at the pits on Friday morning, there were rumors about sad news concerning Stacy Briseno, the

Andy discusses "the start" in hydroplane racing. One of the most talked about and debated parts the sport.

Lon reports the latest developments from the H1 unlimited teams and news from the camps.

Craig talks about being "In The Corner", his perspective of being a turn judge on the H1 Unlimited circuit.