The 2018 national champion driven by Andrew Tate

December 2018

Different Eras; Similar Influence

Andrew Tate, Jones Racing
enjoy a year of bounty.

      From the moment the Les Schwab Tires was lowered onto the Columbia River at Tri-Cities, Washington, during a pre-season testing session on June 1, it was clear that the Jones Racing team meant business. They were highly motivated not to repeat the disappointing season before, when a clipped buoy in Seattle and a disqualification in San Diego for entering an area within the racecourse that is closed to the hydros literally cost them the national title.     

      A few hundred feet down the Columbia River shoreline on that sunny Friday was another team intent on making 2018 a successful campaign, but motivated in a different way. The four-time defending national champion Miss HomeStreet, driven by five-time defending champion Jimmy Shane, had  the advantage of the sport’s largest operating budget, yet also faced some uncertainty.                                                                                                                                   Continued, click here...

They had the oldest boat on the circuit, a hull built 26 years ago when the elder George Bush was still in the White House and when a young fellow named Jeff Bezos was still three years away from introducing an online bookselling
business called Amazon. Yet, despite its age, the U-9 hydroplane campaigned by Mike and Lori Jones was the most dominate force in the 2018 H1 Unlimited Racing Series, thanks to its
talented driver, Andrew Tate, and the team’s innovative crew chief, Jeff Campbell.