A year of few races, small fields, and close competition.

by Andy Muntz   

Unlimited NewsJournal reporters Bill Osborne and David Greene were granted the privilege of interviewing Ole Bardahl at the Bardahl Corporation’s Seattle headquarters on December 11, 1980. In the first portion of that interview, originally published in the February 1982 issue of the NewsJournal and republished last month, Bardahl talked about the 1958 Miss Bardahl, a craft that became the first to be known as the Green Dragon. That boat was recently restored by the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum.  The second portion   

How will the 2017 unlimited hydroplane season be remembered? Ten years from now, perhaps it might be remembered as a year when there was a pitifully low number of races and of race boats. Or, perhaps it might be remembered for the extraordinarily close competition between three race teams? History may recall the year as a campaign where, given the right circumstances, three different boats could have won the national championship.  

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December 2017

 of that interview was first published in the March 1982 edition of the NewsJournal.       Continued, click here... 

An interview with Ole Bardahl

One of the sport’s most successful boat owners talks about the triumphs and tragedies of his Miss Bardahl race team in the 1960s.