Unlimiteds returning Aug. 22-23 to Detroit
This past week, UAW-GM and Detroit Riverfront Events Inc. announce the return of hydroplane unlimited racing Aug. 22-23 to the Detroit River.

"Hydroplane racing returning to Detroit River"

UAW-GM Spirit of Detroit Hydrofest

More information on this event coming from H1 Unlimited and Detroit Riverfront Events Inc.

July 3-5, 2015 Madison Indiana

The Madison Regatta is returning to a 2.5 mile race course and a three day event this year which includes the unlimiteds back to racing under the Madison-Milton bridge. Also added to the 2015 event will be the Grand Prix class hydros racing on the Ohio river.

Check the Regatta website and facebook page for updates
Madison Regatta Website


Tri-City Water Follies Will Host the 2015 HAPO GOLD CUP

The HAPO Gold Cup will mark the 50th anniversary of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing on the Columbia River between Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington under the direction of the Tri-City Water Follies.
In making the announcement on behalf of H1, Steve David said, “We are very excited to be able to award the 2015 Gold Cup to the very deserving race committee and community in the Tri-Cities and look forward to seeing the competition for one of the most prestigious trophies in all of motorsports take place in one of our outstanding long term venues and well respected by all of our race sites.”
David added, “When we talked to all of our race sites, they agreed unanimously that the 50th anniversary of the Tri-City race and the long standing support by the committee, volunteers and community made the Tri-City area and the Water Follies committee very deserving of the opportunity to host the 2015 Gold Cup.”
The Gold Cup was last held in the Tri-Cities in 1984. For more information on the event
 see the Tri-City Water Follies website


The latest version of the H1 Unlimited Rules and Regulations is now published and available for viewing.

click the image to view and download the 2015 Rules and Regulations or go to the H1 website

         The Video Vault is a private Group, on the H.A.R.M. web site, that provides Museum members access to hundreds of hours of hydroplane video footage. Some of the footage is very rare, not seen in public for decades. Here is how you can join!

                                                                                BOOSTER CLUB

The 1975 “Winged Wonder” U-25 Pay ‘N Pak is privately owned by Ken Muscatel and being restored by the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum by Mike Hanson, Jere Heiser and Museum volunteers.  The Pak will be back, running soon!  The Museum is pleased to announce that we will have the “Winged Wonder” on display as a Mobile Exhibit this summer and permanent exhibit in the Museum this fall. Join the Pay ‘N Pak Booster Club to help the Museum bring the Legacy of Innovation of the Pay ‘N Pak to the fans. More...

                                     JOIN THE PAY ‘N PAK BOOSTER CLUB 

From GoPro - H1 Unlimited Action from the 2014 Season

H1 UNLIMITED HYDROPLANES: The World's Fastest Raceboats !

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