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The latest Chairman's Corner Update from Steve David
"Dynamic Opportunities"


Thank you for your kind wishes to Sabrina and I. To say we’re overwhelmed wouldn’t begin to express our gratitude.

Some have said the sport is hurting, and precipitated my decision to step down. In fact, the opposite is true. My competitive nature would tell you I have never walked away from a challenge.  I’ve been carried away in a stretcher from a few of them….. But I don’t leave trouble. That said, I’m old enough to know when a task is too big for me alone. Our sport has likely never seen a more promising future. It is the reality of managing those successes on the horizon that led me to know my time had come. My passion for boat racing is in my soul, and I’m going to make sure we have people in place than can get us to the finish line.

I’m not going away, just moving to a consultative position in H1. I won’t physically be at the races, instead I owe Sabrina a lot of summers for her dreams to fully blossom.

In my place, my former team manager and friend, Charles Grooms (Homestreet U-1 manager) will assume the Chairmanship as the current H1 Vice-Chairman. He and the H-1 board will determine the most effective organizational structure moving forward to manage the success that will come.  I’ve known Charlie for over 28 years and there are few to match his passion for Unlimiteds.  I believe it will be a seamless handoff and provide continuity of leadership.

I met with the owners last Saturday in San Diego and have never witnessed a more united group in all my racing years. They are unanimous and unselfishly committed to build a secure future for all of our stakeholders: Sponsors, team owners, drivers, crews, race sites, media and at the top of that list: You, our fans and friends.

Please stick with the sport. Speak well of it. Be our Champions!



The Chairman Steps Down

At the conclusion of the San Diego Bayfair event, Steve David announced he is stepping away from his role as H1 Chairman with these words.

To our racing friends:

Thank you for your kind support over the decades of my racing career. Thru the wins and losses, crashes and recoveries, you stuck with me.

Two years ago I was asked to lead H1. I committed to restore their financial position, clean up the balance sheet, increase fan engagement, establish new race sites, and create a more collaborative environment amongst our stakeholders.

I did my best, yet there is more to do. So yesterday at San Diego where I retired from driving 4 years ago,
I stepped down as Chairman.

I’ll work with H1 to find a new leader to  hand off the baton and build upon the promises of the future. I truly believe the sport is on track for a return to significance in the motorsports world.

With sponsors as strong and committed as Homestreet Bank, Mikes Hard Lemonade, All access, Peters and May, Graham Trucking, and several others my confidence remains strong. New race sites such as Phoenix and Guntersville will expose our sport to new audiences and new relationships.

The H1 team is an awesome group of people. Volunteers with hearts the size of Texas.

The book of life has many chapters, and if we don’t turn the page, we’ll miss experiencing all that God has readied for us.

Today, Sabrina and I begin that next chapter. We both hope your lives will once again meet us on the new journey.

Take care!

Steve and Sabrina David


Jimmy Shane and the Miss HomeStreet Bank Team Win the
Bill Muncey Cup and Repeat As H1 Series National Champions at
San Diego Bayfair presented by HomeStreet Bank

Jimmy Shane took the lead heading into the first turn of the final, winner take all heat and never looked back. Shane averaged 149.198 mph in the final heat. Second place went to Andrew Tate driving U-9 Delta Realtrac.  J. Michael Kelly finished third with U-5 Graham Trucking.  Kelly nearly blew over in the first turn of the second lap.  The boat lifted out of the water and slid into the roostertail of Miss HomeStreet.  Kelly’s boat nearly stalled but he was able to re-start and finish.  Fourth went to Tom Thompson in U-11 Peters & May.  Jeff Bernard, driving U-7 Graham Trucking II, physically finished fourth, but was called for jumping the starting gun which dropped him to fifth.  Brian Perkins was unable to finish with U-21 All Access Racing.

The UNLIMITED NewsJournal will have a complete in-depth race report in a future issue.


Onboard video of J. Michael Kelly's/ Graham Trucking Victory in the final heat at the 2016 A.P.B.A. Gold Cup in Detroit

    H1 2016 Mobile App

    For 2016, H1 Unlimited will connect with our fans and partners in a way we have never attempted: via a FREE web app that will allow us to supply more information quicker than ever before directly to your mobile device. We plan on publishing race results, video links, photos, schedule changes and other timely info that will impact your enjoyment of our events, involving you more immediately in the excitement that is H1 Unlimited.

    In addition, the app will be EXTREMELY simple to share with friends, family, co-workers or anyone that you’d like to share your love of with H1 Unlimited racing with! When you hit the “SHARE” button, you’ll be able to send the app using any method your mobile device allows, such as text message, email or even QR code! Make sure you share the app as much as possible to get everyone involved!

    The H1 2016 app will work on Apple or Android phones and tablets and is free to download and to use. It will be updated in real time from each race site so you will have race results within minutes of the end of each heat. When we get spectacular video from our onboard cameras, we’ll post clips right away. If our schedule changes, you’ll know it as soon as we do.

    We have the complete story on the H1 Unlimited App in the our August 2016 issue >> click here for the issue


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