A Word from Doug in the latest Chairman's Corner from H1 Unlimited

Now that some time has passed since I became H1 Unlimited Chairman, I’ll fill everyone in on what I’ve been up to.  I have been in touch on a daily basis with representatives of the race sites, owners, drivers, officials and others interested in the success of the sport, trying to get their insight into what H1 does well, and what H1 can do better.  The Board of Directors has been meeting every other week, to insure that we remain focused on achieving our goal to make the 2017 season great, and to lay out plans for future years.

It is also my task, and that of the Board of Directors, to develop a plan for moving the sport forward that has the full commitment of everyone involved.  To that end, I’m soliciting ideas from fans, drivers, crew chiefs, owners, race sites, sponsors, officials, announcers, volunteers, museum operators, media members and family pets, and anyone who knows any of them for their input, because we should all have a say.  It’s our job to distill these great ideas and form a road map (or course chart) for success.  Please bear in mind that none of this will happen overnight, and we might be limited by the availability of resources, but we will do the best we can with what we’ve got to implement the plan.

Finally, please make sure that the H1 Awards Banquet is on your calendar.  The Banquet has been scheduled for Saturday, January 14 at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront, where we will recognize the great accomplishments of 2016, and provide a preview of what is to come in 2017.  Ticket information will be available very soon on the H1 Unlimited website.  I hope to meet and greet friends, both old and new; if you haven’t met me before, please remember when you see me that my first name is “Doug” and not  “Mr.”

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season.



Madison Regatta going back to 2-mile course in 2017

In a move that has brought a lot of feedback, so far of the negative nature, the Regatta announced that it has opted to return to the smaller 2-mile race course that was used several years ago. But, in a twist, the course will no longer go under the Madison-Milton Bridge.

3 reasons cited for the change:
- A smaller footprint is less area to cover and improves ability to service fans.
- The shorter course benefits race teams, improves safety and helps save equipment.
- The smaller course should make for a better show and that is better for the fans.

For the complete story in the Madison Courier > Regatta going back to 2-mile course


Save The Date

Saturday January 14, 2017

H1 Unlimited Champions Gala - Awards Banquet for the 2016 Season
will be held at the Marriott Seattle Waterfront
(more information coming soon from H1 Unlimited)


A unique perspective of the final heat at San Diego Bayfair.
Listen in on the P.A. call of the race and driver/crew communications.
Video courtesy of Meyer Hydros and H1 Unlimited

H1 2016 Mobile App

Starting in 2016, H1 Unlimited will connect with our fans and partners in a way we have never attempted: via a FREE web app that will allow us to supply more information quicker than ever before directly to your mobile device. We plan on publishing race results, video links, photos, schedule changes and other timely info that will impact your enjoyment of our events, involving you more immediately in the excitement that is H1 Unlimited.

In addition, the app will be EXTREMELY simple to share with friends, family, co-workers or anyone that you’d like to share your love of with H1 Unlimited racing with! When you hit the “SHARE” button, you’ll be able to send the app using any method your mobile device allows, such as text message, email or even QR code! Make sure you share the app as much as possible to get everyone involved!

The H1 2016 app will work on Apple or Android phones and tablets and is free to download and to use. It will be updated in real time from each race site so you will have race results within minutes of the end of each heat. When we get spectacular video from our onboard cameras, we’ll post clips right away. If our schedule changes, you’ll know it as soon as we do.

We have the complete story on the H1 Unlimited App in the UNLIMITED NewsJournal August 2016 issue >> click here for the issue


         The Video Vault is a private Group, on the H.A.R.M. web site, that provides Museum members access to hundreds of hours of hydroplane video footage. Some of the footage is very rare, not seen in public for decades. Here is how you can join!

                                                                                BOOSTER CLUB

The 1973 “Winged Wonder” U-25 Pay ‘N Pak is privately owned by Ken Muscatel and being restored at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum by Mike Hanson, Jere Heiser and Museum volunteers.  The Pak is nearing completion and will be back in 2017!  Join the Pay ‘N Pak Booster Club to help the Museum bring the Legacy of Innovation of the Pay ‘N Pak to the fans. More...

                                     JOIN THE PAY ‘N PAK BOOSTER CLUB 

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