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In his on-going efforts and new role as H1 Unlimited Chairman, Steve David is consistently providing updates, news, and ideas to take the sport to a new level. The UNLIMITED NewsJournal supports his efforts and offers support to the new leadership that is developing.

      On the H1 website, Steve is posting news and messages on recent H1 related topics. We will provide a link here to our readers for that website.



Tri-Cities Will Host the 2015 HAPO Gold Cup

H1 Unlimited Chairman Steve David and officials of the Tri-City Water Follies have announced that the Tri-City group will host the 2015 APBA Gold Cup July 24-26.
The HAPO Gold Cup will mark the 50th anniversary of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing on the Columbia River between Richland, Kennewick and Pasco, Washington under the direction of the Tri-City Water Follies.
In making the announcement on behalf of H1, David said, “We are very excited to be able to award the 2015 Gold Cup to the very deserving race committee and community in the Tri-Cities and look forward to seeing the competition for one of the most prestigious trophies in all of motorsports take place in one of our outstanding long term venues and well respected by all of our race sites.”
David added, “When we talked to all of our race sites, they agreed unanimously that the 50th anniversary of the Tri-City race and the long standing support by the committee, volunteers and community made the Tri-City area and the Water Follies committee very deserving of the opportunity to host the 2015 Gold Cup.”
The Gold Cup was last held in the Tri-Cities in 1984 and has been held exclusively in Detroit since 1990.

A Change in Direction is Coming for Detroit and H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing still possible in 2015
Plans are in the works for the unlimiteds to be on the water the second week of July, H1 Unlimited chairman Steve David recently told the Detroit Free Press.
The H1 hydroplanes would be racing for the Mumford Silver Cup, an event with its
own legacy in Detroit.
David said he is looking to include a concert with the Mumford Silver Cup and shorten the racing from a traditional three-day-type Gold Cup schedule to "testing on Saturday and packing a tight 3 1/2 hours of racing in Sunday."
Steve will be meeting with members from the Detroit Yacht Club and others in the coming weeks to discuss this possibility in July of the Silver Cup event.

J. Michael Kelly and Graham Trucking win the Oryx Cup/UIM World Championship on Doha Bay.
This win marks Ted Porter's teams winning 5 of the 6 races held in Doha since 2009.

With his wins and accumulated points scored in earlier racing, Jimmy Shane and
the Oberto win the H1 Season National High Points Title for 2014 and will carry the #1 in 2015.

Final Heat action between the Oberto and Graham Trucking
 Congratulations to both J. Michael Kelly & Jimmy Shane!!
Official Final Heat Results
1 Graham Trucking   J. Michael Kelly   130.039
6 Oberto   Jimmy Shane    126.006
9 Team RedDOT   Jon Zimmerman   120.241
7 Graham Trucking II   Cal Phipps   116.179
11 Peters & May   Tom Thompson   113.672
22 Performance Tool   Mike Webster   109.654
96 Spirit of Qatar Jean Theoret  -  DNS

Another great video recap of the Oryx Cup event from Peter Butler & H1 Video

The UNLIMITED NewsJournal will have exclusive, in-depth Doha race coverage in our December Issue 

H1's Steve Montgomery Retiring

Late November, H1 Director of PR and Communications Steve Montgomery announced his retirement from his day-to-day role with H1. While Steve assures us he isn't stepping away from the sport completely, as he plans on being involved with some race teams and race sites. His expertise, dedication, and professionalism will be missed. Even though he plans to slow things down a bit in retirement, look and listen for Steve to be involved with projects and race sites as he chooses.
Steve has always been a friend to the UNLIMITED NewsJournal and we thank him for all he has done.

From GoPro - H1 Unlimited Action from the 2014 Season

H1 UNLIMITED HYDROPLANES: The World's Fastest Raceboats !

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