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In his on-going efforts and new role as H1 Unlimited Chairman, Steve David is consistently providing updates, news, and ideas to take the sport to a new level. The UNLIMITED NewsJournal supports his efforts and offers support to the new leadership that is developing.

      On the H1 website, Steve is posting news and messages on recent H1 related topics. We will provide a link here to our readers to that page on the H1 Unlimited website.



Kip Brown is out as driver in the 96 Qatar boat
 for the Oryx Cup in Doha

Erick Ellstrom reports - "Kip has a herniated disc in his neck that needs to be taken care of and we feel its best that he do that now and not risk further injury."
Brown commented, "Its disappointing. I had hoped to be able to finish the season in the 96 and make the trip to Qatar. Instead I will be going under the knife."
Brown said the injury occurred when the boat rode up a roostertail and turned over in Seattle in August and was aggravated at Bayfair in San Diego in September.

Ellstrom added that he is considering options for a driver for the Oryx Cup and hopes to confirm Brown's replacement within the week.



SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- September 13, 2013 -- The executive committee of the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series announced Saturday the return of one of the winningest drivers of all time – Steve David – naming him the interim chairman. David, 60, retired at the conclusion of the 2013 season after a 25-year racing career. He was a past American Power Boat Association (APBA) President from 1996-98, and vice president from 1992-96.

“We are bringing back a true champion who has a passion for hydroplane racing, understands the importance of a strong governing body and is also a standout businessman,” said Charlie Grooms, vice chairman of H1 Unlimited, speaking on behalf of the H1 team owners and race sites. “Steve’s place in racing history didn’t end last year when he retired. His commitment to bettering H1 has grown into a well-crafted plan to keep fans, race teams, sponsors, race sites and the media actively engaged in this sport. He is tasked with continuing to grow the sport and ensure its financial success.”

As a driver, David amassed 18 wins, six Drivers’ Championships, and four National High Points Championships while racing for the Oberto/Miss Madison team (2001-2013), T-Plus Engine Treatment (1992-99) and ARC Construction (1988-91). He is a six-time inductee into the APBA’s Hall of Champions and is an inductee into the APBA Honor Squadron.

“We have a 100-plus year legacy in Unlimited Hydroplane Racing,” David said. “This is both something to respect but also a harness of sorts, which requires that we adjust and adapt to ensure we're not just part of motorsport history, but also relevant and exciting for future generations.”

David has several thriving real estate business based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He is also a sought-after public speaker who has helped some of the world’s largest real estate brands through his “Life Lessons at 200 MPH” program. His is also a past board member of both the Florida Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

“I’m honored to join a team of dedicated business professionals who are not only committed to the sport but also have a depth of business knowledge to change what must be changed, and enhance what is already great about our sport,” added David.

Outgoing H1 Unlimited Chairman Sam Cole informed the H1 Executive Committee he was stepping down from his position earlier this week. Cole said he will remain active in the sport.

“I appreciate the opportunity of serving H1 these past 10 years and wish nothing but success as they chart the future,” Cole said. “I would like to thank the officials and volunteers for their countless hours, dedication and support over the last decade.”

Adds Grooms, “The H1 Committee, on behalf of the owners, sponsors, drivers and crews will be forever thankful for Sam’s dedication, hard work and sacrifice on behalf of the H1 family for the past 10 years. He will be hard to replace. Sam was responsible for expanding our international footprint with the addition of the Oryx Cup in Doha, Qatar and securing national network TV coverage of races.”

Mike Denslow, H1 Committee race site representative: “We wish Sam well as he steps down and welcome Steve David back into the H1 family. The energy and expertise Steve brings will help cement our relationships with current race sites and we’re hopeful we can add more sites in the future.”



After Further Review, J. Michael Kelly is the 2014 Bayfair Champion
Jimmy Shane and J. Michael Kelly battled for all five laps of the final, with Shane crossing the finish line in first place. Upon review, it was determined that Shane was penalized a lap for bearing out in lap four, he also suffered a broken rib in turn one of lap four.

Heat 1A Order of Finish (rerun)
96 Spirit of Qatar, 7 Graham Trucking II, 21 Beacon Plumbing, 100 Tony Romas
18 Bucket List Racing DNF, 9 Les Schwab/RedDot DNS (accident in first running of heat)
Heat 1B Order of Finish
6 Oberto, 1 Graham Trucking, 11 Peters & May, 22 Big 5 Sporting Goods, 12 Miss DiJulio DNF
(21 DSQ from event for technical violation after H1 inspections)

SUNDAY Results
Heat 2A Order of Finish
1 Graham Trucking, 6 Oberto, 11 Peters & May, 18 Bucket List Racing
Heat 2B Order of Finish
  22 Big 5 Sporting Goods, 100 Tony Romas, 7 Graham Trucking II, 96 Spirit of Qatar DNF

Heat 3A Order of Finish
7 Graham Trucking II, 11 Peters & May, 18 Bucket List Racing, 100 Tony Romas DNF
Heat 3B Order of Finish
6 Oberto, 1 Graham Trucking, 96 Spirit of Qatar, 22 Big 5 Sporting Goods
H1 Unlimited Final Heat for the Bill Muncey Cup @ Bayfair

Order of Finish
1 Graham Trucking J. Michael Kelly, 7 Graham Trucking II Cal Phipps, 22 Big 5 Sporting Goods Mike Webster, 6 Oberto Jimmy Shane, 11 Peters & May Tom Thompson, 18 Bucket List Racing Kelly Stocklin, 100 Tony Romas David Warren DNF, 96 Spirit of Qatar Kip Brown DNS

The NewsJournal will have exclusive, in-depth coverage of the Bayfair event in the October issue

  Late Season Discount Now Available for Doha

Coverage of the 2014 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing season is being streamed live via the Internet exclusively at www.UnlimitedHydroplaneRacing.TV
See the website for all the details on the remainder of the season action

Event coverage included races from Madison, Detroit, San Diego, and Doha, Qatar.  (Tri-Cities & Seattle local networks provide their own live stream)

As part of the streaming package, fans will be able to watch from their desktop and laptop computers at home, or with the free Livestream for mobile app, from a variety of mobile devices while away from home.  Fans attending the races can subscribe and get live video coverage over their mobile devices.


2014 Race Schedule  /  Winner-Driver
Madison ~ July 4-6  >  1 Graham Trucking   J. Michael Kelly
Detroit ~ July 11-13  >  6 Oberto   Jimmy Shane
Tri-Cities ~ July 25-27  >  6 Oberto   Jimmy Shane
Seattle ~ Aug 1-3  >  1 Graham Trucking   J. Michael Kelly
CXL  Coeur d'Alene ~ Aug 29-31  CXL
San Diego ~ Sept 12-14  1 Graham Trucking J. Michael Kelly
Doha ~ Nov 20-22




H1 UNLIMITED HYDROPLANES: The World's Fastest Raceboats !

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