It is with great sadness that we share the news that Hall of Fame boat builder and designer Ron Jones Sr. passed away Thursday January 19th.

A true innovator in the sport, the Jones family is synonymous with hydroplane racing. A gentleman through and through, Ron Jones Sr. will be missed but his legacy will live on.

Plans for a memorial will be announced at a later date.

The Annual H1 Unlimited Meetings and Champions Gala were held
at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel Jan 14th.

Jimmy Shane, U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank Take Top Honors at H1 Gala

SEATTLE–With Emcee Brad Luce hosting the show, a crowd of more than 170 drivers, owners, officials and fans celebrated the sport of unlimited hydroplane Saturday night at the annual 2016 H1 Unlimited Champions Gala in the Marriott Waterfront Ballroom.

2016 H1 Unlimited Champions Gala Awards

Sponsor of the Year:  HomeStreet Bank

Outstanding Contribution Award:  Ted Grange

Montgomery Excellence in Media Award:  Mark Brudenell, Detroit Free Press

Vic Nelawake Award:  Niles Mayfield

Chairman’s Award:  Ken Muscatel

Chairman’s Award:  Bruce Madej

Chairman’s Award:  Fred Farley

Unsung Hero Award:  H1 Rescue Team

Rookie of the Year:  Andrew Tate

Official of the Year:  Justin Weymouth

Race Site of the Year:  Tri-City Water Follies

Crew Chief of the Year:  Dan Hoover

Owner of the Year:  Scott & Shannon Raney

Crew of the Year:  U-1 HomeStreet Bank

3rd Place – Season High Points Driver/Team:  Andrew Tate/ U-9 Racing

2nd Place – Season High Points Driver/Team:  J. Michael Kelly/ U-5 Graham Trucking

National Champion Driver/Team:  Jimmy Shane/U-1 HomeStreet Bank

For the complete story, click on this link to the H1 Unlimited website

The UNLIMITED NewsJournal will have a in-depth report on the meetings and more news
from the weekend in an upcoming report here.


 The Latest Chairman's Corner reflecting on this past weekend H1 Unlimited Meetings and Champions Gala

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the H1 Unlimited Annual Meeting and Gala, which was held January 13 and 14 at the beautiful Seattle Marriott Waterfront, which proved to be a great venue.

Although I have attended several prior H1 Unlimited meetings and banquets, this was the first while serving as Chairman. We had the privilege of having most of our team owners attend and participate, together with representatives from our current race sites in Madison, Tri-Cities, Seattle and Detroit, and from our future sites in Phoenix and Guntersville, Alabama. more...


In a statement released by the Miss Madison Racing Team, an appeal has been ruled on and the U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank
is the winner of the 2016 Tri-Cities Columbia Cup

Date: January 3, 2017
Subject: Miss Madison Racing Team Statement - Tri-Cities Appeal

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Fans:

On December 7, 2016, Miss Madison Inc. received notification from APBA
(American Power Boat Association) National Commissioner, Charles D. Strang, that our August
appeal and request for a review of the final heat and race results of the 2016 HAPO Columbia Cup
was completed and that the HomeStreet Bank Unlimited Hydroplane has been declared the winner of
the race. Mr. Strang conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the final heat, including discussions with
race officials, review of data presented by Miss Madison Inc. and others, and examination of the applicable rules. Mr Strang concluded that the final race results should be corrected to reflect
Jimmy Shane and the HomeStreet Bank Unlimited Hydroplane as the winner of the 2016 HAPO Columbia Cup.

We are very pleased with this result. Jimmy Shane and Miss HomeStreet had already won the 2016
H-1 Unlimited National High Points Championship and this victory adds to the team’s overall
2016 point total.

HomeStreet Bank has recently renewed its sponsorship for 2017 and the Bank’s CEO and
President Mark K. Mason said, “We look forward to continuing to take part in this rich racing
tradition for years to come.”

Miss Madison Inc., our HomeStreet Bank partners, and our driver Jimmy Shane all look forward to
2017 with much excitement and anticipation. We want to thank all of our unlimited hydroplane
racing fans for your continued support.


Charlie Grooms, President
Miss Madison Inc.


Madison Regatta going back to 2-mile course in 2017

In a move that has brought a lot of feedback, so far of the negative nature, the Regatta announced that it has opted to return to the smaller 2-mile race course that was used several years ago. But, in a twist, the course will no longer go under the Madison-Milton Bridge.

3 reasons cited for the change:
- A smaller footprint is less area to cover and improves ability to service fans.
- The shorter course benefits race teams, improves safety and helps save equipment.
- The smaller course should make for a better show and that is better for the fans.

For the complete story in the Madison Courier > Regatta going back to 2-mile course

H1 Mobile App

Starting in 2016, H1 Unlimited connects with our fans and partners in a way we have never attempted: via a FREE web app that will allow us to supply more information quicker than ever before directly to your mobile device. We plan on publishing race results, video links, photos, schedule changes and other timely info that will impact your enjoyment of our events, involving you more immediately in the excitement that is H1 Unlimited.

In addition, the app will be EXTREMELY simple to share with friends, family, co-workers or anyone that you’d like to share your love of with H1 Unlimited racing with! When you hit the “SHARE” button, you’ll be able to send the app using any method your mobile device allows, such as text message, email or even QR code! Make sure you share the app as much as possible to get everyone involved!

The H1 Mobile app will work on Apple or Android phones and tablets and is free to download and to use. It will be updated in real time from each race site so you will have race results within minutes of the end of each heat. When we get spectacular video from our onboard cameras, we’ll post clips right away. If our schedule changes, you’ll know it as soon as we do.

We have the complete story on the H1 Unlimited App in the UNLIMITED NewsJournal August 2016 issue >> click here for the issue


         The Video Vault is a private Group, on the H.A.R.M. web site, that provides Museum members access to hundreds of hours of hydroplane video footage. Some of the footage is very rare, not seen in public for decades. Here is how you can join!

                                                                                BOOSTER CLUB

The 1973 “Winged Wonder” U-25 Pay ‘N Pak is privately owned by Ken Muscatel and being restored at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum by Mike Hanson, Jere Heiser and Museum volunteers.  The Pak is nearing completion and will be back in 2017!  Join the Pay ‘N Pak Booster Club to help the Museum bring the Legacy of Innovation of the Pay ‘N Pak to the fans. More...

                                     JOIN THE PAY ‘N PAK BOOSTER CLUB 

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